When Radio Ruled -Radio Jukebox 1937 (part 2) -Old Time Radio Music


This show features songs from Rudy Vallee, Eddie Cantor, Ella Logan, Pinky Tomlin, Gracie Fields, Kate Smith, Phil Harris and others.

Originally Broadcast Live

April 11 – May 23, 1937!

Ella Logan – Scottish Medley

Rudy Vallee Show – Swing your mother in law

Rudy Vallee – Goodbye Boys

Pinky Tomlin – The Love Bug

Fibber and Molly Show – Slap That Bass

Rudy Vallee – Got my love to keep me warm

Gracie Fields – Never Cried So Much

Charlie McCarthy Show – Instrumental “too good for words”

Eddie Cantor – How you gonna keep them down on the farm

Jack Benny Cast – Gonna write myself a letter

Eddie Cantor – Margie

Rudy Vallee – My Little Buckaroo

Kate Smith – Can’t take that away from me

Phil Harris – Nobody

Eddie Cantor – Wake up and Live

Listen to the Podcast here!!!

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