When Radio Ruled – Radio Jukebox 1937 part 4


This episode is a collection of musical numbers broadcast live on the radio July 12, 1937 through August 24, 1937.

This episode features mostly Pinky Tomlin and Benny Goodman, with a few others tossed in for good measure.

But you won’t be disappointed.

Pinky Tomlin is nothing short of delightful.

Benny Goodman is one of the great American musical influences and at the peak of his powers here.


Pinky Tomlin – Just a Country Boy at Heart

Jack Renard – Salute to the US Navy

Pinky Tomlin – That’s what you think

Pinky Tomlin – Rag Time Cowboy Joe

Eve Sully with Benny Goodman – Swing Benny swing

Pinky Tomlin – Seven Ages of Man

Ted Weems and his Orchestra – You can’t have everything

Benny Goodman – Dayton takes a holiday

Benny Goodman – Caravan

Benny Goodman – Sometimes I’m Happy

Benny Goodman – Minnie the Moocher’s Wedding Day


Listen to the Podcast Here!

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