1937 Part 1: Politics and the Economy

Peace at all Costs

Those Germans and Russians and Japanese and Italians and Spanish keep killing people.


Jack Benny and The Cast of “The Jack Benny Jello Show”

The Phil Harris Orchestra

The Cast of Lux Radio Theater Production of “The Gilded Lily”

The Cast of the March of Time

President Franklin Roosevelt

Eddie Cantor and the cast of Texaco Town

The Cast of Fibber McGee and Molly

Father Coughlin

Pinky Tomlin

Winston Churchill

Refugees from the Sino-Japanese War

Rudy Vallee

Dinah Shore

Marlena Dietrich

Orson Welles, Agnes Morehead and the cast of THE SHADOW

Featured Songs from 1937 Include:

Eddie Cantor “Things Look Rosy Now” performed live January 10, 1937

“The Social Security Song” Rudy Vallee live February 18, 1937

“You Can’t Take It With You” Eddie Cantor Live January 31, 1937

“Down By The River” Dinah Shore  Live January 3, 1937

“Keep it Over There” Eddie Cantor Live October 13, 1937

“The Trouble with Me is You” Eddie Cantor Live January 17, 1937

“The Object of My Affection” Pinky Tomlin Live January 17, 1937

Marlena Dietrich singing “Lilli Marlene” Recorded, 1937

Kay Kaiser’s Orchestra doing “I don’t want to get well” live from Chicago, February 1937


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