When Radio Ruled episode #45 Eddie Cantor Sings 1937

Songs Recorded Live on the Eddie Cantor Radio Show 1937

Eddie was a multi-talented entertainer who was a huge star in vaudeville, and on broadway, and in silent film, and in radio, and in talking pictures, and in television.

Eddie Cantor is a true show biz Legend with a vast body of work spanning decades.

But this podcast is going to focus on Eddie Cantor the singer of songs old and new as recorded live on the Eddie Cantor radio show in 1937.

Eddie’s musical recording career began in 1917 and he had several hit songs throughout the 1920’s.

When these songs were recorded live on his radio show in 1937, Eddie Cantor was still a very popular singer, selling out concerts and charting records in addition to being at the very top of the radio ratings.

Click here to hear Eddie Sing!!

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