When Radio Ruled #52 – Soundscape 1937 part 19

Clark Gable on the Radio!

This podcast is a montage of excerpts from old time radio shows performed live and broadcast October 11 to October 18, 1937.

Starring Fibber McGee & Molly, President Franklin Roosevelt, Eddie Cantor, Pinky Tomlin, Benny Goodman, Don Ameche, Charlie McCarthy, Edgar Bergen, Clark Gable, Dorothy LaMour, Nelson Eddy, The Stroud Twins, Cecil B. DeMille, Jimmy Starr, Madge Evans, Fred MacMurry, and more.

Featured Songs include Eddie Cantor “Laugh Your Way Through Life” and “Keep it Over There”, Benny Goodman “The Old Apple Tree”.

Click Here to Listen to When Radio Ruled #52

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