When Radio Ruled #60 – Bie Mir Bist du Shön

Bie Mir Bist du Shön – The Andrew Sisters created a Craze for this Catchy Song

This song shot up the charts, appearing in the top ten on January 8 1938, going to number one two weeks later and staying in the top spot from 5 to 10 weeks, depending on your source.

And it went international before that was really a thing, becoming a massive hit in Germany and Poland as well as the United States.

Dozens of established recording artists, Like Kate Smith and Benny Goodman, rushed to record their own version of the song.

This incredible popularity made singers on the Radio of every style cover the song , and that is what you are going to hear, Radio greats interpreting this song each in their own style and bringing something new to it each time.

You are about to hear “Bie Mir Bist du Shön” performed by The Andrew Sisters, Pinky Tomlin, Phil Harris, Georgie Jessel, Eddie Cantor, Little Dorothy Wade, Kenny Baker, and child star Bobby Breen.


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