When Radio Ruled Episode 66 Dorothy Lamour Sings 1938

Best known today as the third angle in the Bob Hope Bing Crosby road pictures romantic triangles, or perhaps as the sarong wearing eye candy in several other films, Dorothy Lamour started out as a big band singer.

Appearing weekly on the Charlie McCarthy show afforded Dorothy opportunities to remind audiences of her musical roots, and her lovely expressive voice.

And that’s what this episode is all about. For your enjoyment, Here is a delightful collection of tunes sung live by Dorothy Lamour on the radio in 1938.

I see your Face Before Me

Broadway’s gone Hawaiian

Romance in the Dark

You took the Words Right out of my heart

Love Light in the Starlight

Two Sleepy People

I want a new Romance

Click Here to Enjoy Dorothy Lamour Sings 1938

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