When Radio Ruled #68 Eddie Cantor Sings 1938

Born Edward Israel Iskowitz in 1892 to a poor family of recent immigrants, through sheer tenacity and talent street urchin Eddie Cantor became a show biz giant for half a century. Starting out in vaudeville in 1907, starring on Broadway, a movie star in both silents and talkies, and a radio and television pioneer.

For three Generations Every household in America knew the name Eddie Cantor as well as they knew their own names.

Eddie was many things, actor, songwriter, comedian, humanitarian, patriot, Union president, father, and all around thoughtful, decent, kind, and generous human being.

Songs Include:

Bob White Gonna Swing Tonight

What are you doing the rest of your life?

President’s Birthday Ball


Medley of Greatest Hits

Way Down Yonder in New Orleans

Ein Mir Bist Du Shoen

Let them Keep it Over There

Momma that Moon’s Here Again

Click Here to Listen to Eddie Cantor Sings 1938

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