When Radio Ruled episode #71 The Year 1938 part 2

Joe Louis vs. Max Schmeling

In the previous episode, 1938 part 1, we looked at the political situation across the world. The coming confrontation between countries trying to provoke war and countries wishing to avoid it. How Hitler, Mussolini, Tojo, Franco, and Stalin created fear and suffering. How the USA, Britain, France, and the smaller democracies tried to keep free and out of war through appeasement and diplomacy while building up their defenses just in case.

To tell the truth, last episode was dark. Not a lot happened to be optimistic or hopeful about. Kind of a Bummer.

Invasions and threats of war are the dark cloud over the whole year. This episode is about some of the distractions used to forget about the scary stuff going on in Europe and Asia. What a relief it must have been to forget the Hitlers of the world and talk about the Joe Louis fight or the Seabiscuit race. The first full length animated movie! Is baseball still baseball if it’s played at night under artificial light? Can a car really go that fast? Did you hear about the latest thing those scientist invented? What will those eggheads think of next?

Click Here to Listen to The Year 1938 part 2

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