When Radio Ruled – Soundscape 1937 Part 2

Andy Devine and Friend

1937 part 2 of The Soundscape Series, episode 31 of “When Radio Ruled. “

This podcast is a montage of excerpts from old time radio shows performed live and broadcast January 10 to January 17, 1937.

Starring Eddie Cantor, Jack Benny, Don Wilson, Phil Harris, Mary Livinston, Andy Devine, David Niven, Barbara Stanwyck, Fred MacMurray,

Cecile B. DeMille, Rudy Vallee, Edgar Bergen, Charlie McCarthy, Pat O’Brien, Pinky Tomlin, and more.

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Soundscape 1937 part 1

Cantor and Jolson

This podcast is a montage of excerpts from old time radio shows broadcast January 1 to January 6, 1937.

Starring Eddie Cantor, Cecil B. DeMille, George Burns, Gracie Allen, Jack Benny, Phil Harris, Mary Livinston, Kenny Baker, Don Wilson, Al Jolson, Harry Von Zell, Jimmy Wallington, Edith Head, opening day of the 75th Congress of the United states, Tony Martin, Dinah Shore,

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and more.

1937 Part 2 – Popular Culture

Jack Benny and Fred Allen Feud, Charlie McCarthy scandalizes Mae West, Mutual Goes National and More!

A look at 1937 as told by Old Time Radio

Guest Starring, all the way from 1937 Are:

Janet Gaynor

George Burns and Gracie Allen

President Franklin Roosevelt

Fibber McGee and Molly

Eddie Cantor

Jimmy Wallington

Cecil B DeMille

Fay Gillis

Rudy Vallee

Sully and Block

Benny Goodman

Irving Berlin

Helen Wills Moody

Ronald Coleman

Douglas Fairbanks

Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy

The Cast of Walt Disney’s “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves”

Glenda Ferrell

Bette Davis

Don Ameche

Mae West

Fred Allen

Jack Benny

Don Wilson

Mary Livingston

Phil Harris

Kenny Baker

Portland Hoffa

Duke Ellington

Featured Songs from 1937 Included:

Gracie Allen “I Love You from Coast to Coast” performed live December 23, 1937

“Swing, Benny, Swing” Sully and Block Live August 10, 1937

“I’m on a Sit Down Strike” Eddie Cantor  March 28, 1937

“Let’s Go Slumming” Eddie Cantor Live October 13, 1937

“The Trouble with Me is You” Eddie Cantor Live January 1, 1937

“Down with Love” Rudy Vallee Live December 23, 1937

“Getting Some Fun Out of Life” Eddie Cantor live November 10 1937

“The Lady Who Couldn’t be Kissed” Pinky Tomlin Live November 24, 1937.

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1937 Part 1: Politics and the Economy

Peace at all Costs

Those Germans and Russians and Japanese and Italians and Spanish keep killing people.


Jack Benny and The Cast of “The Jack Benny Jello Show”

The Phil Harris Orchestra

The Cast of Lux Radio Theater Production of “The Gilded Lily”

The Cast of the March of Time

President Franklin Roosevelt

Eddie Cantor and the cast of Texaco Town

The Cast of Fibber McGee and Molly

Father Coughlin

Pinky Tomlin

Winston Churchill

Refugees from the Sino-Japanese War

Rudy Vallee

Dinah Shore

Marlena Dietrich

Orson Welles, Agnes Morehead and the cast of THE SHADOW

Featured Songs from 1937 Include:

Eddie Cantor “Things Look Rosy Now” performed live January 10, 1937

“The Social Security Song” Rudy Vallee live February 18, 1937

“You Can’t Take It With You” Eddie Cantor Live January 31, 1937

“Down By The River” Dinah Shore  Live January 3, 1937

“Keep it Over There” Eddie Cantor Live October 13, 1937

“The Trouble with Me is You” Eddie Cantor Live January 17, 1937

“The Object of My Affection” Pinky Tomlin Live January 17, 1937

Marlena Dietrich singing “Lilli Marlene” Recorded, 1937

Kay Kaiser’s Orchestra doing “I don’t want to get well” live from Chicago, February 1937


When Radio Ruled Christmas 2020

It sure has been a strange year – we could all use a dose of Traditional Christmas. And here it is!

Two Great Episodes from 1939! 

Jack Benny’s Christmas Open House

A Christmas Carol (starring Lionel Barrymore)

Featuring: Jack Benny, Rochester, Dennis Day, Mary Livingston, Phil Harris and his Orchestra, Orson Welles, Lionel Barrymore, Benny Goodman, Bing Crosby, Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, Pat Brady, and more!

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When Radio Ruled #26- Charlie McCarthy: Sexiest Man Alive 1937

When Radio Ruled PodCast Episode # 26

Casanova Charlie McCarthy makes dates and breaks hearts in 1937 Hollywood.



Starring Charlie McCarthy


Edgar Bergen

Don Ameche

Dorothy Lamour

Clark Gable

Alice Marble

Carol Lombard

Mary Boland

May Robson

Sonya Henie

Zasu Pitts

Bruna Castagna

Glenda Farrell

Bette Davis

Mae West

special cameo appearances by Nelson Eddy and Jack Benny

music by Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman, Kay Kaiser



When Radio Ruled episode 25 – Radio Jukebox 1937 part 5


A Great Collection of Songs

Originally Broadcast Live on Old Time Radio

August 25, 1937 through December 31, 1937!

Cast of Chase and Sanborn Charlie McCarthy Show – Have you got any?
Pinky Tomlin – The Love Bug
Benny Goodman – Vibraphone Blues
Pinky Tomlin – Stop You’re Breaking my Heart
Al Jolson – Toots Toots Tootsie
Eddie Cantor – Now’s the time to fall in love
Unidentified Female Vocalist – Basin Street Blues
Pinky Tomlin & Eddie Cantor – Sweet Varsity Sue
Eddie Cantor – Swing is here to Sway
Eddie Cantor – Love is in the air tonight
Pinky Tomlin – I Told Santa Claus to Bring Me You
Eddie Cantor – Some Fun Out of Life
Rudy Vallee – Orange Blossom Time
Pinky Tomlin – I want to be in Winchell’s Column
Rudy Vallee – Down with Love
Marlena Deitrich – Lili Marlene


When Radio Ruled – Radio Jukebox 1937 part 4


This episode is a collection of musical numbers broadcast live on the radio July 12, 1937 through August 24, 1937.

This episode features mostly Pinky Tomlin and Benny Goodman, with a few others tossed in for good measure.

But you won’t be disappointed.

Pinky Tomlin is nothing short of delightful.

Benny Goodman is one of the great American musical influences and at the peak of his powers here.


Pinky Tomlin – Just a Country Boy at Heart

Jack Renard – Salute to the US Navy

Pinky Tomlin – That’s what you think

Pinky Tomlin – Rag Time Cowboy Joe

Eve Sully with Benny Goodman – Swing Benny swing

Pinky Tomlin – Seven Ages of Man

Ted Weems and his Orchestra – You can’t have everything

Benny Goodman – Dayton takes a holiday

Benny Goodman – Caravan

Benny Goodman – Sometimes I’m Happy

Benny Goodman – Minnie the Moocher’s Wedding Day


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When Radio Ruled – Radio Jukebox 1937 part 3

Actor Don Ameche (1908-1993) and actress Dorothy Lamour (1914-1996) with an NBC microphone in a publicity image for the radio show, ‘The Chase and Sanborn Hour’, USA, 20 May 1937. (Photo by Pictorial Parade/Archive Photos/Getty Images)

Tunes from Old-Time Radio!

Voices from the past singing live on the national radio May 24, 1937 – July 11, 1937.

Lots of Charlie McCarthy and Dorothy Lamour!

A couple of Bing Crosby croon jobs!

Clever compositions from Pinky Tomlin!


Dorothy Lamour and Charlie McCarthy – Let’s call the whole thing off

Bing Crosby – How Could You

Bing Crosby – Time on my hands

Eddie Cantor – Patriotic medley

Pink Tomlin – Touched in the head

Cast of the Charlie McCarthy Show – Gilbert and Sullivan Medley

Pinky Tomlin – Rag Time Cowboy Joe

Rudy Vallee – We danced the night away

Don Ameche, Dorothy Lamour, Charlie McCarthy – Any more at home?

Pinky Tomlin – I’m on the wagon as far as you’re concerned

Hoagy Carmichael and the Cast of the Charlie McCarthy Show – I love you like my old felt hat

Dorothy Lamour and Charlie McCarthy – Merry Go Round

When Radio Ruled Podcast – Radio Jukebox 1937 part 3

When Radio Ruled -Radio Jukebox 1937 (part 2) -Old Time Radio Music


This show features songs from Rudy Vallee, Eddie Cantor, Ella Logan, Pinky Tomlin, Gracie Fields, Kate Smith, Phil Harris and others.

Originally Broadcast Live

April 11 – May 23, 1937!

Ella Logan – Scottish Medley

Rudy Vallee Show – Swing your mother in law

Rudy Vallee – Goodbye Boys

Pinky Tomlin – The Love Bug

Fibber and Molly Show – Slap That Bass

Rudy Vallee – Got my love to keep me warm

Gracie Fields – Never Cried So Much

Charlie McCarthy Show – Instrumental “too good for words”

Eddie Cantor – How you gonna keep them down on the farm

Jack Benny Cast – Gonna write myself a letter

Eddie Cantor – Margie

Rudy Vallee – My Little Buckaroo

Kate Smith – Can’t take that away from me

Phil Harris – Nobody

Eddie Cantor – Wake up and Live

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Soundscape #9 – 1936 Part 6


This podcast is a montage of excerpts from old time radio shows broadcast November 29 to December 31, 1936.

Starring Eddie Cantor, Parkyakarkus, Fred Allen, Portland Hoffa, Harry Von Zell, Rudy Vallee, John Gunther, Ed Wynn, Amos ‘n Andy, Kenny Baker, Jack Benny, Cecil B. DeMille, George Burns, Gracie Allen, Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy, Don Wilson, Gabriel Heatter, Walter Houston, Billie Holiday, and more.


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SoundScape # 8 – 1936 part 5


Excerpts from Old Time Radio originally broadcast October 4 to November 11, 1936.

Lots of Eddie Cantor, if you like that sort of thing. Who doesn’t?

Also featuring James Wallington, Cecile B. Demille, Carl Hubbell, Lou Gerhig, Joe E. Brown, Fred Allen, Harry Ranzel, Jack Renard, George Burns, Gracie Allen, and more.

These Soundscapes are a result of the research phase of the When Radio Ruled Historical Documentary series.

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Soundscape #7 – 1936 part 4


A Montage of Old Time Radio Excerpts originally broadcast from August 24 to October 3, 1936.

Starring Cecil B. DeMille, The cast of the Major Bowes Amateur Hour, The cast of the Jello Summer Show, Eddie Cantor, Irene Ryan, Walt Disney, The 1936 New York Giants, Mickey Mouse, The 1936 New York Yankees, Donald Duck, the 1936 Chicago Cubs, Stoopnagle and Budd, the 1936 Chicago White Sox, President Roosevelt, and more.

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