Soundscape #9 – 1936 Part 6


This podcast is a montage of excerpts from old time radio shows broadcast November 29 to December 31, 1936.

Starring Eddie Cantor, Parkyakarkus, Fred Allen, Portland Hoffa, Harry Von Zell, Rudy Vallee, John Gunther, Ed Wynn, Amos ‘n Andy, Kenny Baker, Jack Benny, Cecil B. DeMille, George Burns, Gracie Allen, Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy, Don Wilson, Gabriel Heatter, Walter Houston, Billie Holiday, and more.


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SoundScape # 8 – 1936 part 5


Excerpts from Old Time Radio originally broadcast October 4 to November 11, 1936.

Lots of Eddie Cantor, if you like that sort of thing. Who doesn’t?

Also featuring James Wallington, Cecile B. Demille, Carl Hubbell, Lou Gerhig, Joe E. Brown, Fred Allen, Harry Ranzel, Jack Renard, George Burns, Gracie Allen, and more.

These Soundscapes are a result of the research phase of the When Radio Ruled Historical Documentary series.

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Soundscape #7 – 1936 part 4


A Montage of Old Time Radio Excerpts originally broadcast from August 24 to October 3, 1936.

Starring Cecil B. DeMille, The cast of the Major Bowes Amateur Hour, The cast of the Jello Summer Show, Eddie Cantor, Irene Ryan, Walt Disney, The 1936 New York Giants, Mickey Mouse, The 1936 New York Yankees, Donald Duck, the 1936 Chicago Cubs, Stoopnagle and Budd, the 1936 Chicago White Sox, President Roosevelt, and more.

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When Radio Ruled Soundscape #5, 1936 part 2

1936 Part 2

This episode spans March 4 to May 27 1936.

We are lucky that Soundscape #5 is featuring Fred Allen.

Fred was a legendary wit, his improvisational style and warmth made him a favorite in Vaudeville, on the radio and later on television.

His partner in show biz and real life, Portland Hoffa, was one of the most popular Dumb Dora character actors of her era, second only to the great Gracie Allen.

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